Monday, 25 May 2009

Memorial Day 2009

My apartment overlooks a "vet cemetery." Now I'm as supportive of vets as the next guy - although they didn't manage to save Leroy when he had renal failure a few years ago - but it really is shocking to me that they get their own cemeteries. Not only that, but today there have been all sorts of guns going off. There are helicopters overhead and cannons booming every once in a while. After the first round, my neighbor actually called the LAPD to report a shooting! No JOKE! She's right! What do veterinarians know about guns anyway? We SHOULD be scared...

Shortage of Indian People in 1984 Apparently! With an update...

UPDATE: I have just received news from Gabe that Ben Kingsley IS actually ("half") Indian! My friend's granddad played cricket with him at prep school back in the day. This means that the brown makeup isn't technically brownface at all. I DO want to state for the record, however that Alec Guinness, Dustin Hoffman, AND Anthony Hopkins were originally chosen to play Ghandi before the movie people settled on the more-appropriately-ethnic Kingsley.

But I still think it's crazy that Ben Kingsley had an iPod in 1982!

----Original Post:
I just finished watching a film called "A Passage to India" on Netflix. It came out in 1984. It basically plagiarizes To Kill a Mockingbird. Tom Robinson gets replaced by an Indian Muslim man named "Aziz". After they cast Victor Banerjee as Aziz, they must have run out of Indian people! Because the second-most important Indian is a Hindu named Professor Godbole and I guess the best they could do was get Alec Guinness. He is known for his spirituality and deepness. I guess that makes sense. . .
As we all know, India doesn't have much of a movie industry or anything. Nor does it have many people. So it makes sense that Anglophone films continued to cast old white guys in the parts of Indians back in the 1980s. Particularly when these films are about liberating Indian people from Anglo-oppression. It just makes sense!

(Sir Kingsley pictured above with his 4th wife: Brazilian waitress Kingsley.)
Ben Kingsley as Ghandi. With his iPod headphones.

This reminds me of a time of ol' yore when the film industry ran out of black people. Then they also turned to white people with makeup to compensate for this dearth.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Obama Helps Local Pet Store through Economic Crisis!

It looks like the American President, Barak Obama, has really decided to take our economic crisis into his own hands!His message? "Forget About Politics. Support Small Business." Here's the full photograph:
That's right! Obama has taken time out of his schedule of international travel and speeches to Congress to pose with a huge lizard and turtle. I'm sure the modeling session took hours, but based on the high accuracy of the portrait, he must have held pretty still!

It's reassuring to know that no business is too insignificant, no artist is too unskilled, and no reptile is too gross to hold for our beloved president!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Who doesn't love duckies?

Ducks are pretty damn cute. Don't believe me? Look here:

This...and this...and this... (ducks are so cute that even babies try to be ducks sometimes and so do kitties! thanks Lodro for the great links!)

and even this...

That's right! Nothing is cuter than a duck. And nothing is tastier than its feet! My friends would know. They ate a bunch of them.

All I can say is that things like this make me really, REALLY, love America.

Friday, 1 May 2009

"Laws" and "Regulations" in California.

I was wandering on the pier at Venice Beach, checking out the scene (if you know what I mean!) and looking for a bite to eat. But then Johnny Law got in my way, yet again. Take a look:

Which means both this
and this
are illegal for Americans and Mexicans (note the Mexicanish)! The HORROR! I guess I'll head north to Malibu for my next bite of meat!