Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hey what are you doin' at 9 tomorrow morning?

Wanna go hang out and loiter on the Venice Beach Public Library property with me? See you there at 9! Check this out:

Unfortunately, these are still tough times here in LA for skaters, so leave the skateboard behind:
You can only get to THIS library via shopping cart or in your held-together-by-duct-tape-shoes.

I have to say, as I check out my new digs - as far West as I can go from America and still be there - I am fascinated by the neighborhood library. While it's still totally okay to go to the library to sit in the Children's Section and look creepy and mustachioed, and it's totally fine to be a non-teenager and sit in the "Teen Corner" and be so high on the drugs that you can't even get the free candy up to your mouth without dropping your head, it's NOT okay to hang out and be weird when the library is actually closed.

And while you're inside the Venice Beach library, don't forget to check out their free laptops so you can watch movies on them all day in between your loitering sessions. Don't worry! They have in-your-ear-cavity-headphones you can borrow.

Meanwhile: click here for some related government news, courtesy of everyone's favorite Austrian-American. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

OMG Google Me!!!

When you type in the little google search box, you know how it has suggestions for the rest of your word? As in, you type the letters "fuc..." and you get "fuchosin" as a suggestion? Well I just typed in the first 13 letters of my first then last name, and GOOGLE FILLED IN THE REST!!! I feel so famous right now.