Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dispatches from Kansas...

Ahh Kansas... Though it looks like we aren't there anymore, I like to remember it as a place where Gene Kelley helped defend our monkey-heritage. Well, folks, Kansas is at it again: it's the new battleground of American values. And that's as it should be.

Sometimes news stories come along that alert us to the presence of grammatically-challenged fellow citizens who make us just so proud to be American all over again! Especially groups like the Army of God - an organization that apparently has close ties to the abortion-doctor-killer Scott Roeder. On their site, they call abortion-doctor-killers "American Heros." I particularly like the part of their page - the "Scott Roeder American Hero Index Page." - where they list his accomplishments, including a link to the following masterpiece he drew in which two people stand over the slain abortion doctor's grave and one-the looming not-creepy-at-all man-vows to "protect precious babies." I like his attention to detail here. The shading on the bottom of the tree, the man's combover, the woman's ankle-bones...
The "Army of God" website also offers us a link to an email address (glory2jesus@armyofgod.com - damn! I wanted that one!) where you can send letters to Roeder that they will then print out and show him! Wow! Fan mail!

If you want to read more about the court case, I suggest googling it or clicking here. It seems like the judge might be on the army's side! In any case, all I would do would be to refer them to the following image below. It's an actual photograph of Moses with the Commandment tablets:
Fortunately, none of these self-appointed God-soldiers, and no one involved with this Roeder fellow actually read Greek or whatever garbledy gook is on those tablets. Good thing! Or they just might have to change their arguments a bit!

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