Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Road Trip to America

I'm leaving the land of California soon and heading to America. That's right - the land of the free, home of the Braves (a totally inoffensive team-name; don't even get me started). Glad to watch the Hollyweirdo skyline recede behind me like my father's hairline and looking forward to hearing the ka-ching of the slot machines and the whirrrr of hooker nipple-tassles in Nevada.

Where will I go when I'm in America this time? I'm thinking hard about visiting the "Atomic Testing Museum" which includes the famous and not-tacky 9/11 Display.

Or maybe I'll RE-visit, yes RE-visit, Area 51 where I once spent the night in a trailer at "The Little A"Le"Inn." After all, since I last visited, they had a 2009 sighting according to Google.

According to Nevada's own MUFON site, Nevada has "one of the highest concentration of sightings in the US." Wow! I'm totally willing to believe a site that titles itself "Ufo's in Nevada." Great use of the apostrophe, guys! I hope your scientific skills are as good as your punctuational ones - surely they must be to be able to dispute the fact that most (all) astronomical evidence is against you!

Well on that note, I think I will bring a great camera with me on my trip and hope to spot some weird lights in the sky on my own. Bon voyage to me!

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